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How to get rid of algae from my tropical aquarium?

By Rafet Maamouri for HAPPYARIUM.com

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Algae is a common problem in a tropical aquariums. Even though aquatic algae is not esthetically desired, it does not pose any harm to neither the tropical fish nor the plants in your fish tank. However, the presence of algae will make the task of cleaning the tank more tedious, especially the ornaments and the artificial plants.

The above algae infestation has developed over a 2 weeks period, due to the aquarium being exposed to direct sunlight from the window visible on the back of the photo, our technicians carried a full aquarium cleaning session and recommended moving the tank to a different location. The result was clearly visible on the following photo.

Algae can be in various forms and can have different colours, to name a few : <>br

Throughout the years we have encountered this situation countless times. From our own experience and according to what is commonly known about tropical aquariums there are few main factors that promote Algae proliferation:

If your tropical aquarium is subject to the conditions mentioned above ( Lighting conditions and hardness of water), algae will proliferate. Some cases of algae infestations are mild others are more severe. You have to bear in mind that algae is as natural as anything else in your fishtank and you should not be alarmed if few spots of algae appear occasionally. However, you will have to make sure that:

It is ideal to have all of the conditions right however sometimes you will find yourself constrained with conditions beyond your control. If you live in a very bright place where you can not place your tank out of reach of sunlight or if the water supplied in your area is hard water, you might want to resort to eliminate at least one of the factors contributing to the unusual algae growth.

If you are experiencing a severe algae infestation, these are the steps to follow that might help with the situation:

Performing the above steps will reset your aquarium’s ecosystem chemically. This process is rather not recommended for its invasive nature to the fish in the long run. However, if algae growth is getting out of control, you may be compelled to perform it . Moreover, if your aquarium holds live plants this will affect them in a way that there will be less phosphate in water for them to absorb.

To summerise, when faced with an algae infestation problem you have to proceed by elimination and try to isolate the cause of the excessive algae growth. Treating the symptoms will not provide a long term solution to the problem . However, we can confidently state that if your tropical fish tank is suffering from algae , the cause of it will be primarily either:

Tips to remember:

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