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Aquarium Maintenance Package

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The Aquarium Maintenance packages are available on a one-off visit or 6 visits package which can be redeemed at any time within the 12 months following and including the first visit.

Please note that if you opt for a 12 months contract maintenance package and if it happens that you will need a first time installation, the latter will be charged at a discounted rate. It matters to mention that first time installation visits are charged at a higher rate if requested separately. Furthermore, if you opt for the 12 months contract extra discounts may apply.

For fish tanks of 300 Litres or less we deem it sufficient to be serviced once every two months, however, depending on the ecosystem (type of vegetation, fish population etc), the frequency of the visits may be higher. Please note that the prices of our services are custom made and calculated depending on your specific situation. Therefore, we advise you to be as accurate as possible while filling the Quotation Request Form.

The service includes the following:

Free materials provided

Optional extras for an added fee:

Aquarium Setup Package

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The fish tank installation only package consists of a one single visit package designed for people who wish to set up their aquariums for the first time.

The aquarium setup service includes the following:

Free materials provided:

Optional extras for an added fee:

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